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It was the Summer of 2016. July to be exact. I was in a very rough patch of my life. I was single and constantly partying non stop and any chance to get out of the house to get drunk I would take the offer. Quite embarassing, I know. But sometimes Life gets you in the lowest of lows. One of my close girlfriends had invited me out that night to a bonfire and it was an area I don’t normally find myself haha. Provo, Utah. Yep. You would have never guessed right? Of all places to have parties. Now if you aren’t familiar with this city, it’s a total mormon known city. When my friend mentioned where this bonfire was.. I asked her “Are you sure”? She proceeded to tell me, “just come, it will be fun!” So of course I went.

When we arrived, we started to take a few shots to get the night going and started. I was hanging out with a few of my close girlfriends, meeting people and socializing. I remember looking around at everyone just to be aware of my surroundings. Next thing I know I made eye contact with this really handsome man I could NOT lay my eyes off. His name is Ben. As soon as I looked at him, i’m not kidding it’s like I wasn’t looking at anyone else at this bonfire party. I whispered to my girlfriends, “HIM! Guys, I am going to go talk to him and calling DIBS right now!” So of course, I went over to talk to him. And everything has felt like history since.

After spending the night together, we exchanged numbers and we were hanging out non stop. I remember I didn’t want to be with or even thinking about being with anyone else but him. It was weird! I never used to be the kind of girl who got attached quickly or even developed feelings that fast. In high school I dated a lot of people and was never hung up on one person. It just wasn’t me to get attached like that. I got bored easily if i’m being honest. lol.  After telling my friends how often we were talking and spending time together I remember a few people in his friend group were warning me “Be careful Caitlin, Ben isn’t the guy to really date or stick around”. I of course, ignored them and proceeded to keep spending all my time with him. It was summer, so we were always doing something fun. Whether it was going to the lake, going on dates, or just going on adventures together. It didn’t matter to me what we were doing, all I knew is that I just wanted to keep being with him. Not only was I so attracted to him, but he is such a hilarious person to be around and can make almost anyone laugh. His smile will make you smile because it’s so cute!

After 2-3 weeks of constantly hanging out, we were dating and together at this point. Everything was all moving so quickly & I was pretty much spending every night at his house. Eventually, because I was there all the time and had so many of my things there we decided that we were going to move in together. He is SO amazing ya’ll. I can’t even begin where to start. I never thought I would meet somebody who cared for me and loved me so much unconditionally. He is always there for me and always seems to support me in any decision or crazy idea I have. Which I think is a very important quality to have in a partner. Something I noticed very quickly about him is how big of a heart he has. He would do anything for anyone if it could help them. I could list a million things he has done for people but just a small example. I remember we were going to Walmart one day to get new tires. We were just waiting in the waiting room waiting for them to be finished when an older woman probably in her 60’s to 70’s when up to the counter to checkout and asked one of the Employee’s if he would help her check the oil in her car. The employee seemed very busy, so Ben being the sweetheart he is offered to help her and look. He told me to come with him. When we were outside with her, All the sudden she turns to Ben and start’s crying. She just gave him the biggest hug and said “Thank you so much, My husband recently passed away and he always took care of these things for me and I can’t tell you how much this means to me”. I started to cry too, talk about a soul touching moment. See, he always does things kind things like this. I remember after that moment, my love for him grew even bigger in size.

In the beginning we were living in a little house in provo. That same house I met him at. I forgot to mention, the house where the bonfire was his house. Crazy right? It was just a sign that I was suppose to be there on that night. The house we were living at, at the time was not the best put together house. It was older and needed some work done to it and we just weren’t sure we wanted to stay there. More time passed and one of my girlfriends said she needed a roommate at her townhouse in Draper. I didn’t really like the idea of living with room mates but rent would be a lot cheaper for us and it was also in Salt Lake County which is where we wanted to end up. We decided to take her up on her offer. Ben got a new job in Construction in Draper, so it all was coming together perfectly. We were living there for about a year or so, then decided it was time that we move on and that we wanted it to be just us. No more room mates. It was just too many problems.

I ended up finding us a new apartment online that was located in Salt Lake. Which takes us to where we are now. It’s a really good area, a convenient location that has EVERYTHING by it, literally everything. Target is in my backyard. What a score right?! It finally felt like we were both content having our own place to call ours and start making our own memories here. It just seemed like good things were coming our way. Ben had another amazing opportunity come up to become an Electrician. Which was huge because this is a job that could potentially be a full time career. This is the Career he is pursuing. He has been at this job for a little over 2 years now and is SO good at what he does! He is such a fast learner and can almost fix just about anything. We now have 2 dogs we adopted together, and love them so much! My heart just keeps growing in size expanding my family.

Our connection is like no other. We just work so well together. Don’t get me wrong, we are not perfect and no couple is. Don’t let them fool you. Relationships are hard, marriages are hard but if you truly love someone you will do almost anything to be with them. Our love is so reciprocal to one another. We have now been together over 3 years, almost 4. I can’t believe how much we have both grown together in those few years. We have been through a hell of a ride together, but there is no one else I’d rather go through it with.

He proposed just this past June. We went to Vegas for my birthday and boom! It all happened there. I was so happy! We are now getting married next year, June 19th 2020 also in Las Vegas. The same place we got engaged, it’s just special to us and we couldn’t be more excited! I can’t believe we are finally almost there!

Ben is the love of my life, my soulmate, my partner forever. There’s something special about the saying “When you know, you know”. It couldn’t be more true for us. I knew from the beginning I was going to marry this man.

Sorry for all the Lovey Dovey mushy stuff. But I’m all about the Loooove! I hope you all find your soulmate one day if you haven’t already. I promise, it will happen when you least expect it. It truly is a magical magical feeling.


Thanks for reading our Story and hope you enjoyed! Not your typical love story, but it’s ours and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Talk to you guys soon!





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