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Hey Loves!

Bringing you some super cute Items from Just Fab & Shoe Dazzle! If you haven’t heard of these companies they are great to look into!

You have the option to either sign up for the VIP membership ( a recurring subscription) or you can just purchase the items by itself. When you first sign up, it asks you to take a quiz and you pick out the items that is completely customizable towards your style so that they can get to know what pieces you would like to receive in the mail. How cool is that?!

If you sign up for the VIP membership program, you will save up to 30% off regular priced items and you can also earn points towards free loyalty options.

If you feel like you have enough clothing items or shoes for that month, you can also choose when to skip out! So if you want to choose every other month to have it recurring you CAN! Totally customizable!

Both of these subscriptions are only $39.99 a month, which is such a steal on clothing items and shoes!

They seriously have the cutest stuff ever to shop & would highly recommend them!!

Let me know what you think of these pieces and if you end up signing up to this subscription!

Hope you enjoyed this!




Cheetah Coat 


Sweater | Boots 


Leopard Sweater | Boots



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