Self Tanning at Home!


You can purchase Loving Tan SELF TANNER HERE

Let me start out by saying this is the BEST self tanner I have ever used!! This is coming from a girl who has tried a wide range of Self tanner brands probably over 20… yikes. But luckily, I have found my absolute favorite! Loving Tan Official!

It provides the most deep natural tan ever! And trust me when I say it can get you DARK… so dark that girl people will be asking if you just came back from the Bahamas. What I really like about this self tanner is they have a wide shade range depending on your skin tone. They have shade ranges from light, medium, dark, & Ultra Dark. My personal favorite is the Dark because I like to be super tan all the time. This shade provides such a deep rich looking tan. You can use my code “caitedmund” if you want to get a free tanning Mitt with your purchase! (Not sponsored) just trying to save ya guys some $$.

This tanner blends out really nice on the skin. I always use the Tanning Mitt that comes with every time because it has such a soft velvet feeling that applies the tanner so evenly on the skin.

Typically, on a normal weeknight my routine usually goes as follows.

1: Always Shower, Shave, and Exfoliate the night before or before you apply the tanner. If you need a good exfoliator they sell an awesome exfoliating glove that seriously can rub off any self tanner in case you need to.

2: I always moisturize the areas of my Body that are super dry so the self tanner doesn’t appear darker on those areas.

3: Begin Tanning! Use your glove and carefully pump the tanning moose into the glove and start rubbing it on your body in careful motions.

4: Usually when I’m done tanning I like to throw on a robe or a big T Shirt that you don’t care will get dirty!

And boom! You have a beautiful tan ready to go without having to pay for tanning salons! This tanner usually lasts me over 5-6 months depending on how often I use it and I use it pretty often!

What I really like about Loving Tan Official is they have a large variety of tanning products they offer. I mostly use the Deluxe Bronzing Moose. For this one, they usually say to wait anywhere from 6-12 hours but if I have no where to be I like to let myself bake & marinate for as long as I possibly can before showering. I usually like to wait 24 hours and sleep in it. They do however have a fast tanning product called the 2 HOUR EXPRESS. This stuff is amazing too! It’s the exact same bronzing moose but the color is completely devoloped within 2 hours and you are good to wash it off! This one is perfect if your in a rush or want to be tan before going out.

In between tans, so usually after about a week of having the tan on I like to use their “Deluxe Gradual Tan” this is pretty self explanatory but it’s more of a natural gradual tanner. So if your a week in of having your tan on and it’s starting to get splotchy you can apply this gradual tanner and it will even it right back out! Seriously amazing stuff! Another thing I LOVE about loving tan is that you notice the color right away. It’s not one of those tanners you can’t see while applying which I can’t stand cause you can’t see where it’s going on your body! This stuff will start taking action right away.


It’s only $40 on amazon prime and so insanely worth it! I would highly recommend this you guys!! Do not sleep on this self tanner!!! Highly RECOMMEND!

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