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Today I am introducing you to an Etsy shop owner that creates custom Wedding Rings! She is absolutely AMAZING! As you know, My Fiance & I got engaged this past June. We are getting Married next year and he really wanted to upgrade my ring before our Wedding which totally was not necessary, but he insisted and was so sweet of him. He told me to pick out a wedding ring I liked and it could be from anywhere. I wanted to find something that was in our budget but still gorgeous and that is when I discovered Simply Bridall. I first discovered this shop from Instagram and decided to Message the owner right away! Her name is Christina. She is SO professional, very quick responses, and extremely fast shipping. I had so many questions for her about her rings and she was able to answer them right away with no hesitation. That reassured me that much more and made me want to purchase right away! I also loved even more that she is a small business working so hard to perfect these stunning rings! I love supporting small businesses rather than a big jeweler. That is my personal preference.

The ring I chose is the 2.50ct Oval Halo Engagement Ring. It is simulated diamonds which is perfect for me. If you aren’t familiar with what Simulated diamonds are is basically they just don’t have the same chemical or physical properties in them. So they are real diamonds, however they are just not grown by mother nature… if that makes sense! Either or, real or not it did not matter to me! I just wanted a beautiful wedding ring and the term “Real or not” means nothing to me. I just wanted my wedding Ring to symbolize our love and marriage. The Materials used for my ring is Solid Sterling Silver and Rhodium plated to protect from natural silver oxidation. The stones used are Cruelty Free Simulated Man Made Diamonds. For just my wedding ring, not including my bands it’s- Center Stone : 2.50ct,  Side Stones : 0.46ct total which makes it a Total of: 2.96ct.

I placed my Order over the weekend, and received it within 3 days! That is insane, especially considering she creates them herself! She is located in California which isn’t too far from me!  I was so impressed. Not having to wait and fast shipping is a PLUS for me! It felt like I was receiving something off amazon that’s how fast the shipping was haha. Christina is SO incredibly nice, trustworthy, and helpful! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is in need of an engagement/bridal ring or even just wanting a ring because! This is the perfect shop to get them. She has such a large variety of styles available in her shop. She also does any customizations for what you are wanting which is nice! The ring I ordered is HUGE which I love! The side profile is incredible and totally the style I was going for.

I chose two bands to go with my ring. The first band I chose was the 1.00ct Eternity Band. I thought it was gorgeous and would go perfectly with my ring. The other band I chose was the Art Deco band which I love. It has such a pretty design to it, with the diamonds inside. I cannot recommend her Shop Enough!! I love my rings!! Go give her a Follow!

I will link Christina’s Instagram Here-

I will Link Her Etsy Shop Here-

My Wedding Ring |My Band #1  |My Band #2

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